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Impulse Control

From December 16, 2020 - America/Phoenix 11:00 AM until December 16, 2020 - America/Phoenix 12:00 PM
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Topic: Bobi Seredich's Emotional Intelligence:

Impulse Control is one of the core competencies of   (EI) and is   as the degree to which a person can control the need for immediate gratification. It may be the most significant indicator of a person’s future success in the workplace or adaptation in society in terms of building and maintaining relationships with others. For me personally, it is one of the most challenging EI competencies to manage especially during the holiday time.

The more self-aware you become about your own emotional triggers and how you manage your impulse control, the greater the chance to avoid inappropriate outbursts and poor decisions.  Many times, you learn to control your impulsive behavior after an unfortunate event where you lost control and had to pay a big price. Hindsight is always 20/20.  When you have a moment to look back at what you said or did, you have a better understanding of how you were triggered and how your actions impacted the situation in a negative way. You may take appropriate steps to limit the damage.
You cannot change another person or situation, but you can manage how you choose to react or respond to a situation. You can take charge of your impulse control. As a result, you can choose to “play big” and achieve more happiness, engagement and success in your personal and professional life.