In my experience I see a lot of people that are not very self aware. I think that there are some shifts and changes in how we're communicating. I think we all know that with cell phones and digital devices a lot of people are communicating behind a screen rather than one-on-one with people. Maybe they're not getting as much feedback because they’re not seeing facial expressions. One thing I think people can do is work more on self-awareness.

I do think that our technology devices play on our self-esteem. I think that when you're on social media you're comparing yourself to other people and it can make you less self aware. You feel like everybody else out there is doing so much better than me that I'm afraid to be vulnerable and I'm afraid to become more self-aware, when really that's not true.

I talked about this in regards to companies like Microsoft Office or Adobe, when they came out they were efficiency technology tools. Now social media tools are really playing on our self esteem, which is different. They're connecting with us emotionally but we need to be more in charge of not letting ourselves go down that path of comparing ourselves with other people and instead saying “I'm okay with not being perfect. I'm okay with being a little vulnerable and wanting to be more self-aware.”