Develop your Emotional Intelligence with our EI training by expert Bobi Seredich. Our course helps connect intellectual learning with its application. Our course provides hands on exercises for your team leaders.

Why is Emotional Intelligence so Important?
  • Resolve Workplace Conflicts
  • Improve Decision Making
  • Improve Teamwork
  • Reduce Turnover
  • Develop Mentoring Skills
  • Increase Productivity
  • Enhance Task Focus
  • Develop Business Networks
You can complete our courses from anywhere in the world.  Once you’ve completed a course, you’ll receive a Certificate of Achievement that you can use to differentiate yourself in yourself while deepening your relationships.

We also work with organizations to develop specialized online EI programs facilitated with live meetings.

“By teaching people to understand and learn about their emotions with intelligence, we can transform organizations from the inside out and make a positive difference in our world”
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