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Self Motivation

Internal or intrinsic motivation is the ability to self-motivate.  There is usually a focus on achieving personal goals.  Those individuals who can motivate themselves are typically more committed and goal-focused.  Self Motivation combines optimism, drive, initiative, commitment, and perseverance to achieve success that goes past money or recognition.

  • Displays action to motivate others through own efforts
  • Sets achievable yet challenging goals
  • Shows high energy to complete boring tasks
  • Recovers quickly from set-backs
  • Eager to tackle opportunities
  • Looks at failures objectively
  • Makes personal sacrifices to meet goals
  • Shows the ability to change when current methods do not work
  • Always strives to improve performance
  • Driven to meet standards and objectives
  • Motivated by hope for success instead of fear of failure

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How can the training program help learn self-motivation? :-)
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