Self Awareness

Through reflection and introspection, self-awareness is the ability to see yourself clearly and objectively.  Being human it is not possible to attain perfect objectivity about oneself, there are certainly degrees of self-awareness.  As leaders, it is important we continue to strive to become competent in these self-awareness skills:

  • Quickly recognizes when thoughts turn negative
  • Reflects and learns from past situations
  • Understands when ones own emotions affect performance
  • Can tell when ones own mood changes
  • Continually looks for ways to improve
  • Has the ability to accurately speak about feelings and emotions
  • Can laugh at oneself and has a sense of humor
  • Is confidence in own capabilities
  • Has awareness of own strengths and challenges
  • Guided by internal belief and value system
  • Being open to feedback
Please consider improving your Self-awareness by taking an Online Emotional Intelligence Training Course.

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