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Emotional Coaching

Some believe dysfunctional behaviors are best left to therapists.  If these behaviors are linked to a person's success on the job, it is important to address them by a leader. 

You may have people on your team whose lack of self-confidence and reluctance to speak up affects the overall success of an organization or team.    Coaching emotional intelligence is not therapy.  It is about keeping the focus of coaching conversations about the person's performance at work.  These competencies are important in you as Emotional Intelligence coach:

  • Models respect, honesty and co-operation
  • Understands the way people feel as important as task performance
  • Builds rapport
  • Raises morale
  • Is aware of others' emotions and responds appropriately
  • Deftly communicates own feelings
  • Encourages enthusiasm
  • Offers help and assistance when appropriate
  • Manages conflict and emotion effectively
  • Describes a positive view of the future
  • Promotes an open co-operative environment
  • Is a role model and leads by example
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