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Adaptability & Flexibility

From November 18, 2020 - America/Phoenix 12:00 PM until November 18, 2020 - America/Phoenix 01:00 PM
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This is on November 18th at 11AM to Noon MST.

Bobi Seredich is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Bobi Seredich's Emotional Intelligence: Adaptability & Flexibility

Adaptability and flexibility is having the capability to accept change. It is your aptitude to handle multiple demands without getting derailed. Are you comfortable with the uncertainty that comes with modifications? With COVID-19, adaptability and flexibility is one of the most important competencies for people in the workplace and at home. These last 8 months have shown us how quickly our world can transform. The ability to be adaptable and flexible has taken on a new perspective. Information, plans, teams, and customers have shifted at a dizzying pace, accompanied by a higher level of fear and anxiety. Having the proficiency to learn something new, do things a different way and stay positive while moving through the stress that comes with change is key to your business and personal success. Join us for our next EI Live Event on November 18th that will give you the right tools to be a more adaptable and flexible leader while managing the stress that comes with it.